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With the visual roulette system we are using our skills to read the wheel and ball. For those players who have good hand-eye co-ordination, this is the most powerful way to play visually. The system has certain limitations like the requirement to bet after the spin has started and needing a small time to assess the wheel and ball speeds.

The Dealer Signature System is different in that we let a consistent dealer take care of the ball speeds for us and by taking this task out of the equation we create many additional options for playing. In fact there are five extra systems in one and each is different from the other, each relating directly to the moment that we must bet. For Example, Play Option 1 is all about betting before the spin starts, creating the option for live online play. Play Option 2 is all about having to bet in the first 3 seconds of the spin enabling occasional play on some auto live machine games. Play Option 3 is to bet soon after the start of the spin but where we have enough time to assess the wheel speed. As you can see each option relates to the conditions that you are playing. The long term margin on the dealer signature is only very slightly less than the visual system but it creates many more opportunities for playing and that will add to ones total winnings and should therefore be seen as a valuable bonus option and recommended.

In Addition, my thirty page booklet will show you exactly how to chart, search for and follow the physical, and therefore real patterns.

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My dealer signature system is currently available to new customers at half price ( £98 ) if purchased with the visual roulette system. See products and prices page for this extra option.

Please note that customers purchasing the Visual system and the Dealer’s system together will receive the full discount and our latest vibration unit, customized to be compatible with both methods. It has an adjustable pulse rate and a convenient external battery change. This vibration product can also be requested by customers purchasing the Visual Roulette System on its own.

The Dealer Signature player pack includes the system information CD, a DVD for practice play on your computer, player card data and my thirty page booklet on ways to chart and follow the dealers physical roulette patterns.
You will also receive the new adjustable vibration product.

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The Video below is just one example of how a roulette dealer can control or be controlled and that the result of a roulette spin can be predicted before the ball is even picked up.

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