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Jafco Roulette

Monomarks House, 27 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3XX

Jafco Roulette System - Product & Prices

The adjustable vibration unit will pulse in rhythm for up to 9 hours non stop on a single battery. All customers will receive the full system information on CD plus a training and practice DVD.

Customers will also receive details of our 20 unique playing cards © to cover all the different types of roulette wheels and balls that you may come across.

The Roulette playing cards © cover many other aspects of play, including your chosen aim, the wheel speed and the direction of both the wheel and roulette ball. They can also be adjusted to cope with the changing conditions that affect the action of the ball (drag etc).

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Genuine Comments by Real Customers.

I have seen 1st hand your visual systems and also the predictor, and it is just amazing. Before a ball is even spun, before we contemplate roulette there are 2/3 variable conditions which we need to take into account and any 'pro' who doesn't is not a pro. John you are the best player and you have the best system in the world, and I'm just grateful to have you on my doorstep or rather 127 miles away. And I have had 1st hand experience of the margins myself.


This next comment was posted on a roulette forum:

Having seen a personal demonstration on both the visual and the computer system i was convinced that the Jafco system was a well thought out and not overly complicated system. On my first night I won £4500 with a float of £100. Now that was more than just luck. It is not always as simple as that but there is more Jafco's system than ballistics, and he gives very good instruction on all aspects of play.

I can throughly recommend it and he is a genuine gentleman and enthustiastic about teaching his system and wants you to win. Good luck.

HI john

I just feel the need to add a quick note to say how impressed I am, not just about the kit you have provided (which I believe is excellent) but more importantly about the after sales service your operating. Credit where credits due, the full service is excellent mate, I honestly can't recommend you enough

Promotion Offer

Option 1

Updated Visual Roulette System - New Promotional Price

Our complete roulette system on CD and DVD with the digital vibration unit plus the playing card data is now available for a price of £155 sterling, plus £9.50 for secure worldwide post and packing.


Option 2

Advanced Visual Roulette System

The advanced roulette playerv pack includes all visual system items, as desribed in option 1 above, plus:

1. The advanced system booklet (Over 40 pages in colour)

2. A new and more customized vibration unit with switch for both ball and wheel speeds.

3. Several card maker charts, enabling the player to create a card for virtually all situations.

4. Five visual simulation charts to highlight the roulette overlap postions for different roulette rotor speeds and variable ball deceleration rates.

5. There will also be a full description of exactly how to best use the charts described above.

Buy it now £285 + £13.50 Secure worldwide post.

Option 3

Dealer's Signature System &The Adjustable Vibration Unit

This vibration unit will pulse silently and continuously in the set rhythm. This is definitely the very best way to train a skilful rhythm count for accurate roulette play. It’s also a great way to get your practice underway. Simply watch to see how far any single number moves over the set time.

Also included in your player pack will be my new 50 page spin pattern analysis booklet showing innovative ways to track the croupier’s dealer signature patterns.

On your practice DVD there’s about two hours of roulette spins including a clip with four hits in a row on Eighteen Red ! This DVD is designed for close up spin analysis and to watch on computer.

You will also receive your Player’s manual on CD, showing in full detail all five playing methods and much more!

Buy it now £165 + £13.50 Secure worldwide post.

Option 4

Promotion Offer

This purchase option is for players wanting the classic Jafco visual roulette system and the Jafco Dealer’s Signature system. (options 1 and 3 together )

Buy it now £285 + £13.50 Secure worldwide post.

Option 5

Promotion Offer

For players wanting the complete package with all system information and products from options 1,2 and 3, I am offering a great promotional price.

Buy it now £385 + £14 Secure worldwide post.


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Jafco Roulette

Monomarks House, 27 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3XX

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